Tolbert completed his studies with the Famous Photographers School

 of Westport Connecticut, a course designed by the staff photographers

 of Life Magazine, Richard Avedon, Philip Haslsman , and Ivering Penn.


 Tolbert opened a portrait studio in Santa Barbara County, California.

 His association with the f11 club in San Luis Obispo has also

 been influential in his development.


 But, his close friendships with fellow photographers have been

 most meaningful in the formation of the style he has today.

 Tolbert is accomplished in the darkroom transforming chemistry and

 light into original black and white prints. His selection of

 equipment is a 4x5 view camera.

 Tolbert has a love for texture and geometric shapes found in natural

 things common in the rugged California landscape, which he incorporates

 in the print, matting and frame an abstract form in a unique use of texture. 

 His work is exclusively his own, creating original matting materials

 and frames.